The Voice of Real Estate in Calhoun County

What is a REALTOR®?  What do they do?  What is the process to buy/sell a home or a commercial property?  Already own property, but have no idea how to maintain or increase the value?

Fear not, the members of the Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS® (BCAAR) are available to help.  Founded in 1915, we are a trade association that provides service and support to almost 300 REALTORS® and real estate professionals in the Greater Calhoun County area.  One of our focuses this year is to share more information with about the home buying/selling process and everything in between – from home maintenance, area sales statistics, remodeling, home design, insurance, inspections, ordinances and more.

Our members help throughout every part of the real estate transaction. REALTORS® guide buyers/sellers though the complicated process of buying, selling or renting a home or commercial property.  Our members are also home/pest inspectors, appraiser, insurance agents, lenders, title agencies, well and septic experts, home stagers, interior designers, tax professionals, photographers, builders, contractors and more. 

Our REALTOR® members (as opposed to real estate agents) go above and beyond state licensing requirements and agree to abide by a strict Code of Ethics to act in an honest and ethical manner with clients, the public and other REALTORS®.  From A to Z, these professionals help clients schedule home showings, negotiate offers, schedule inspections and work with lenders to make the process run as smoothly as possible.  Our members have worked with hundreds of thousands of home buyers/sellers to help individuals and families make their homeownership dreams come true. 

Our members contribute to the local economy.  On average, the total economic impact of a typical home sale in 2018 was $59,536.  In 2019, almost $300 million of real estate (residential, commercial, land, multi-family) was sold by our members.  Our members are small business owners.  They live, work and spend in our community.  They hire employees and pay property taxes.  They believe in working with partners to make our county even more attractive to individuals and family so that they choose to live here.

In addition to real estate, our members give back to the communities we serve.  Since 2005, our association has given over $120,000 back to our community through our grant fund.  We’re getting ready to give out another $15,000 this year to area nonprofits within Greater Calhoun County.  On average, 82% of REALTORS® donate money to charitable causes every year, compared to the national average of 56.6%.  And, we not only give money, we give our time.  Approximately 66% of REALTORS® volunteer for a median of eight hours per month.  Giving back to our community is in our blood. 

With almost 300 members, the Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS® is “the voice for real estate in Greater Calhoun County.”  You can find a list of our members at under the “About” tab.  Our website also includes resources for buyers/sellers, membership information, licensing information and much more!

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