REALTORS® Helping Neighbors

Hello BCAAR Members! In uncertain times like today, it’s so important that we work together to help our community get through this health crisis. Approx. 82% of Realtors® nationwide donate money to charitable causes every year and 66% volunteer a median of 8 hours per week. Our Marketing Committee has been working to develop strategies to help YOU learn about and understand the value of your members. We are also working to promote the value of the association and all that you do to members of the public.

Today, we’d like to share a cool new project that we’re launching for our members…. A REALTORS® Helping Neighbors Project. Our Affiliate members can participate too – we don’t want to leave out all of our great affiliate partners. And, by the way, thanks to all of our partners in the real estate industry continuing to help deals flow smoothly and close during this crazy time.

As active members of our community, we understand the impact COVID-19 has had on everyone. We want to help! We want to be there for those who are most vulnerable to the virus! That’s why we’ve launched this REALTORS Helping Neighbors initiative. Have you checked on your neighbor lately? Do you know someone that feels unsafe going to the grocery store or pharmacy? We want to make sure our neighbors are taken care of and get the help they need. Just print this flyer (it’s in black/white or color), staple your business card to it and tape it on your neighbor’s door or leave it on their porch.

If you feel comfortable offering your support to neighbors, please use this flyer to help out. If you can’t help in this way, there are so many other ways to help – donate supplies, make cloths masks, support a local business/restaurant, purchase a meal for a frontline worker, donate to a support fund to help those impacted by COVID-19. Whatever support you can provide is important and needed. Every day we help people make their real estate dreams come true. And now, HOME has taken on a new meaning and is more important than ever. Our industry, our association, our affiliate partners, our broker offices and our REALTORS have a history of giving back to the community…..Because #That’s Who We R

To our members working right now on the front lines. THANK YOU! We have members right now fighting the battle against this virus and providing critical services in our community – nurses in hospitals and nursing homes, first responders and more. We appreciate you! We are looking toward better days again when we can see all of you in-person, break bread together and get back to selling real estate. If there is anything the association can do to help any of you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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