Credit scores and credit reports are used by mortgage lenders to determine a person's credit worthiness.  Having an understanding of what a credit report consists of, and how a score is calculated can be essential in helping one change their own financial habits and routines.

The Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS® holds free home buyer education seminars throughout the year which includes consumer education on credit, credit repair, home buying, and financial planning for home ownership.  To find out more about these seminars, click here.

We have also partnered with The Credit People.  This is a credit repair service company that will work with you on your specific credit repair needs.

There is also another company that we have found to be very helpful, and that is Credit Saint.

So if you need help with credit repair, take a look at their programs.  

Credit repair can be a long involved process in some cases, so it does take a commitment to see the process through.  You may have to complete the entire credit repair program before you can be eligible for a mortgage, so factor this into your time line. 

If you want to try to work on repairing your own credit, then attending one of our seminars can help you get on the right path.


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